Terms and Conditions

  1. Authors understand that the Editor-in-Chief may transfer the Copyright to a publisher at his discretion.
  2. The author(s) reserve(s) all proprietary rights such as patent rights and the right to use all or part of the article in future works of their own such as lectures, press releases, and reviews of textbooks. In the case of republication of the whole, part, or parts thereof, in periodicals or reprint publications by a third party, written permission must be obtained from the Editor-in-Chief IJIRST.
  3. Authors hereby declare that the material being presented by me in this paper is our original work, and does not contain or include material taken from other copyrighted sources. Wherever such material has been included, it has been clearly indented or/and identified by quotation marks and due and proper acknowledgements given by citing the source at appropriate places.
  4. The paper, the final version of which Authors enclose, is not substantially the same as any that Authors have already published elsewhere.
  5. Authors have not sent the paper or any paper substantially the same as the enclosed one, for publication anywhere else.
  6. All papers will be acknowledged and refereed. They will not be returned.
  7. Furthermore, the author may only post his/her version provided acknowledgement is given to the original source of publication and a link is inserted to the published article on IJIRST website
  8. The submitted/enclosed camera-ready paper is thoroughly proof read by me and in conformity with the instructions for authors communicated to me.
  9. If any plagiarism found in my camera-ready paper after Publication, Authors are the whole responsible not IJIRST or IJIRST Board members.